Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What are Diaper Cakes Anyway?

Hmmm...diapers, which aren't very appealing to the tastebuds, and cake, which is absolutely delicious and could be eaten on a daily basis. What are these things?

Well, diaper cakes are an awesome baby gift! They are cakes that are made out of diapers...a lot of diapers. They also have receiving blankets, minky baby blankets, and bath products. Pretty much some of the most important items a new or expecting mother could want in a chic little package.

Why so many diapers you may ask? Why are they one of the most important gifts a mommy or daddy could receive? On average a baby will go through 400-500 diapers in the first six weeks of life! Forget registering for pacifier clips and nursing covers; diapers should be at the top of the list. But who wants to give ugly packs of diapers at a baby shower? No one!

Diaper cakes are fabulous and functional. Check out my shop at for a variety of sizes and colors!


  1. Stopping by from SITS. I will be hosting my first baby shower next year. What a wonderful idea. I am your latest follower! My pic is grover but my name is Clare

  2. Thanks for stopping in! Keep me in mind next year for the baby shower! I am at are so much fun! I just sent the four tier cake shown above to a woman in Colorado who was giving her sister a shower...she said she used it as a centerpiece on the table. She said it went over really well!