Thursday, August 20, 2009


What is Etsy? Well, if you have never visited this fantastic site for buying and selling handmade goods you should go! Not only is Poopie Pastries on there selling diaper cakes and confections, but so are artists, jewelers, designers, and so many more. I got the most fantastic headbands from BCharmer, found a beautiful necklace at KGarner Designs, some classy clutches at JPatPurses, and an adorable monkey wall graphic for my daughters nursery at EllyNelly. If you have any need for yourself or a gift I highly recommend checking out Etsy!

Not only do they have well-made,boutique quality items, but they are also unique...your recipient will definitely be glad to not be getting three of the same candles and seven of the same lamps at your next party!

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  1. Just saw your name on a SITS post and was intrigued. What a great name for your company! I love your cakes too, absolutely adorable.