Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lesson # 2 - Not all babies need to sleep a lot

Wooohooo! What a morning! Who thought that at 10 months a baby would go to bed at 8 and be getting up at 5:30 am! With only two 45 minute naps all day! Oh, and did I mention she is still getting up at least once a night too! Man, am I sleepy. I think I have been in a daze since she was born.

To update you on my exhaustion, Emelia was a colicky baby. She would start screaming around 10 pm and go until about 4 am...straight. This started the very first night she came home from the hospital and lasted the first two months. We finally figured out a way to sooth her to sleep at around two months old. A HAIR DRYER! That's right, I had a hair dryer with a cold setting, and turning it on low would instantly dry her tears! So I MacGyvered a shoe lace and the hair dryer so it would hang outside the crib and MAGIC! She instantly started sleeping 2-3 hours at a time!

So I then began trying to make up for lost time in the sleep department. Keep in mind she was only taking three 30 minute naps at this point as well. And I want to know who came up with the "sleep while the baby sleeps" things? Easier said than done my friend! Especially being overly tired and having a baby only sleep 30 mintues long.

Fast forward by about 7 months and things are getting better. She is sleeping longer at night, but I had no idea some babies could sleep smaller amounts. I had this image in my head of babies passing out for hours and hours, all day long! I don't know who put it there or why, but it was there. Silly me! Too many baby shows during pregnancy I suppose.

I am sure those extra hours she isn't sleeping helped contribute to her mobility and walking at 8 1/2 months, so I guess it is a blessing in disguise...a baggy eye disguise. I love Emelia to death...she is my world! But I totally wish my world contained more sleep :)

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